5 delicious gourmet burgers you need to try out

Burgers are an all-time favourite at BBQs in Malta amongst people of all ages. Even though our house made gourmet burgers are a flavoursome meal on their own, here are 5 simple recipes you can use to spice up your burger at your next BBQ – just like any pro-chef would!
Gourmet Burgers made in-house by J&M Butcher

1. Gorgonzola burger

Long gone are the boring days where a cheese burger is simply a beef patty with a simple cheese slice on top. If there’s one thing which perfectly blends with Gourmet Beef Burgers, it’s cheese! For those willing to down a more adventurous route, try out your next cheese burger with the delectable taste of Blue Cheese instead.

This recipe works wonders when combined with diced shallots and mushrooms. Cook these in a pan and mix in some cognac when these become brown. As the cognac evaporates stir in a dash of cream.  Top each patty with this mixture and the Blue Cheese – et voila!

This recipe will also taste amazing with Brie, Gruyere or Pepato cheese.

Gourmet Burgers made with fresh beef from all over the world
The unique blend of blue cheese with beef.

2. Greek Chicken Breast Burger

As good and genuine as they are, even J&M Butcher‘s genuine house made gourmet burgers can leave their toll on our weight. Low and behold –  the Chicken breast burger – the best news for the burger lovers out there, especially in this swimsuit season!

Whisk together – 1tbsp of oil, oregano, 1 clove of garlic, lemon zest and some lemon joice and Season your chicken breasts all over. Cook the chicken well until cooked through. In the meantime, prepare some shredded 

  • lettuce
  • cucumbers
  • tomatoes
  • feta cheese.

Once the chicken is ready, spoon some tzatziki sauce all over the base of the bun, place the chicken, and top it off with the remaining ingredients as you please!

Chicken Breast by J&M Butcher in Malta
Chicken Breast is a versatile ingredients and fits perfectly as a healthy burger.

3. Breakfast Burger

No matter the time of day – it’s always a good time for a breakfast burger. The ingredient’s you’ll need are in the name itself.

As the patties are crisping up on the grill, pan Fry an egg together with your any kind of bacon and sausages you fancy. Once these companions are cooked to your liking, simply place on top of your burger and top them off with your favourite slice of Cheese. This burger just made our summer brunch a whole lot better.

Feel free to add in some Rucola leaves or lettuce to diversify the palate of the meal to your liking.

Get inspired with our Angus Burgers or Angus Mini Burgers made in house by our very own expert chefs.

Burger Recipes by Malta's leading Gourmet Butcher
Fusing breakfast and lunch together for a delectable brunch.

4. Basil & Mozarella Burger

A truly Mediterranean burger. These two simple ingredients offer you a fresh and summery taste like no other burger. Simply place the burger on a bed of tomatoes and top it off generously with your favourite Mozzarella da Bufala and a couple of basil leaves. You can also add some lettuce, onions or even a small wedge of Parmigiano Regiano. Enjoy the festival of aromas without overriding the amazing taste of our house-made Gourmet Burgers.

Taking your next barbecue to a whole new level with J&M Butcher in Malta
The true taste of the Mediterranean on a plate.

5. Truffle Mushroom Burger

Truffle makes everything taste ten times better!

Melt some butter in a frying pan over medium heat and add in some sliced mushrooms for around 8 minutes. In the meantime, fire up the grill and place your burgers. Once perfectly cooked, top each patty with some swiss cheese. Place the burgers and mushrooms on the bun and elegantly crown of your marvelous creation with some Truffle Aioli.

J&M Butcher in Malta has a wide variety of barbecue items of a gourmet quality
Truffle is an incredible way to spice up your burger and wow your guests.

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