6 amazing gourmet meats for the perfect Sunday roast

Weekends are there to be enjoyed and a Sunday roasts are the excellent way to have a great time with your family and friends. J&M is determined to keep your weekends hassle-free with our ingenious oven-ready Winter Menu, guaranteed to get you in the weekend spirit with the perfect roast.
Selection of Malta's Best Gourmet Butcher

1. Beef Wellington

The flawless combination of tender meat crispy pastry will perfectly treat for your family and friends to a cosy and wholesome meal, which is what we want most on any ideal Winter day. The Beef Wellington is highly popular in English Cuisine, especially as a Christmas dinner dish.

As one of our all-time best sellers, we think that our highly rated Beef Wellington deserves a place on your dinner table all year round. Enjoy a delectable Beef Wellington made In-house with fine-quality Irish Angus Fillet and fused with Mushroom deluxe, Parma Ham , Mustard & covered with Puff pastry.

Beef Wellington prepared in House by JM Butcher
The Beef Wellington is an all-time winter favourite prepared in-house by our expert butchers

2. Roast USDA Beef

Roast beef might sound like a fancy and complicated dish to prepare. However, thanks to our oven-ready Winter Menu, roasting a top-quality beef dish has never been easier.

Our Roast USDA Beef will usher in a unique complexity of aromas and will yield an incredible yet different taste than the traditional flavour of beef which we’re accustomed to. When beef is oven roasted, the flavour of the meat is enhanced through the slow-melting of the beef fat and the browning of the Maillard on its surface. This great taste is further strengthened with the delicately stuffed Prosciutto Cotto and Mature Cheddar. For those looking for a slightly milder taste the Roast USDA Beef can be simply prepared with Fine Herbs, Garlic and Pine Nuts

Roast USDA Beef available in Malta
Our Roast USDA Beef is a meat-lovers' favourite, generously stuffed without over-riding the great taste of beef.

3.Asparagus & Parma Ham Veal Fillet

A truly amazing sight to behold! This stuffed veal fillet tastes even better than it looks.

Veal meat offers a delicious palate and can be a healthier alternative to beef. You are able to enjoy a hearty meal which is low in saturated fat and a great source of vitamins without compromising on  deliciously tender and juicy meat. Our Asparagus & Parma Ham Veal Fillet offers to be a uniquely flavoursome meat, excellently fused with Fine Herbs, Asparagus, Parmegiano Regiano & Parma Ham.

Stuffed Veal Fillet home-made for Sunday Roasts
Our oven-ready Winter Menu items are specifically crafted to be the perfect Sunday Roasts.


A guaranteed crowd pleaser and a family favourite!

The porchetta is the Italian alternative to a ‘hog roast‘ and promises to transform your Sunday roast into an extra-flavourful and crispy treat. It offers a whole new experience to your taste buds with a taste above and beyond more traditional cuts of pork.

As one of our favourite sublime dishes, our Porchetta is made in-house by our butchers by expertly stuffing a Local Pork Belly with Rosemary, Garlic & Almond

Porchetta for Sunday Roasts available in Malta from J&M Butcher
The Porchetta is simple yet will definitely be a delectable Sunday Roast

5. Stuffed Pork Fillet

Pork meat has been appreciated as a popular roast meat for centuries. We are taking it to a whole new level with our Stuffed Pork Fillet.

This stunning centre-piece will definitely steal the show during your next Sunday roast. Our Stuffed Pork Fillet mouth watering gourmet dish is perfectly combined with the glorious taste of Parma Ham, Fresh Asparagus, Fine Herbs and a savoury hint of Parmegiano Regiano.

Stuffed Pork Fillet made inhouse available in Malta
The ingenious blend of Pork with parmeggiano regiano and parma ham

6. Stuffed Whole Chicken

Chicken is one of the most popular roast dishes consumed all year round. However, we’re sure you haven’t tasted anything like our Stuffed Whole Chicken yet!

This popular poultry has a wide range of proven health benefits and its versatility and great taste have made it the central meat of many recipes. Thanks to our butcher’s creativity expertise we have taken the conventional chicken to a whole new level, fitting of special Sunday Roast.

Try out our gourmet Stuffed Whole Chicken  with fresh Veal mince, Garlic, Onions, Carrots, Ham, Cheese, Parma ham and Pancetta.

Stuffed Whole Chicken prepared in house by JM Butcher for the perfect Sunday Roast
Our Stuffed Whole Chicken offers a taste of chicken like you've never tasted it before

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