6 amazing Christmas dinner dishes from our oven-ready gourmet menu

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun. And just like everyone else, we know you’re stressed and worried over how to impress your guests at the annual Christmas dinner. Well, you’re in luck – no need to Google ‘Christmas dinner ideas’ this festive season. Oven-ready and prepared in-house by our highly skilled butchers, our new Christmas menu is guaranteed to have all your guests thinking you’ve become a pro chef overnight. All you need to do is place your order on our online store, and once it’s delivered pop it in the oven. As simple as that, we prepare everything ourselves.
Best Christmas dinner recipes

1. Beef Wellington

First up is one of the season’s all-time classics, the Beef Wellington. Prepared in-house with Irish Angus fillet, mushroom duxelles, Parma ham, mustard, and puff pastry; this traditional Christmas dinner dish is as succulent as they come.  

Bonus: click here for 4 easy recipes to pair with the festive season’s classic. If this won’t make all your guests (and you) reach for seconds, nothing will.  

beef wellington recipe
Succulent, in-house prepared Beef Wellington.

2. Truffle & Parmesan Veal Frenched Rack

Take your Christmas Dinner to a whole new level with our Truffle and Parmesan Veal Frenched Rack. Delicately prepared in-house with truffle, rucola, and parmesan butter, this veal frenched rack will have all your guests boasting about your brilliant cooking skills for months to come.  

Oh, we almost forgot the best part. If you’re a fan of veal, this Christmas we also have available a Stuffed Milk Fed Veal Fillet, Veal Tulipano, and Veal Rolls 

Best Christmas recipes
Tantalising Veal Frenched Rack with Truffle and Parmesan.

3.Stuffed Whole Chicken

Chicken lovers rejoice! Just because it’s Christmas, doesn’t mean it has to be all about beef and turkey. This tantalising dish is made in-house using a whole local fresh chicken, stuffed with fresh veal mince, garlic, onions, carrots, ham, cheese, Parma ham, pancetta, parsley, and topped with salt and pepper.  

Even though chicken is not the first dish that pops to mind for Christmas dinner, we guarantee that this hassle-free meal will make you the talk of the season.  

A Genuine Stuffed Fresh Local Whole Chicken.

4.Stuffed Turkey Breast

Next up is another seasonal classic: Turkey – with a gourmet twist! Our superstar butchers prepared not one, but three delectable stuffed turkey dishes, in honour of the season. You’re truly spoilt for choice! 

The first is prepared using fresh local Turkey Breast, stuffed with cream cheese, asparagus cream, veal mince, salt, and pepper.  

The second Stuffed Turkey breast dish is prepared with veal mince, garlic, onions, sun-dried cherry tomatoes, artichoke cream, salt, and pepper.  

Our third and final dish is a Boneless Turkey Leg with roasted pork loin, dry cherry tomatoes, and artichoke cream.  

Your only problem this festive season will be trying to narrow it down to only one. 

Christmas dinner ideas
Wide range of oven-ready, gourmet Turkey items, available in our shop.

5. Stuffed Uruguay Black Angus Flap Meat

Shake things up this festive season with our Stuffed Uruguay Black Angus Flap Meat. Brilliantly prepared with cream cheese, asparagus, guanciale, salt, and pepper, our Stuffed Uruguay Black Angus Flap Meat is truly in a league of its own. 

Our butchers are making sure that you and your guests are surrounded by options this festive season with our second Uruguay Black Angus Flap Meat dish, with truffle cream, cheese, and roasted pork loin.    

One thing is certain, no matter which one you opt for, both you and your guests won’t be able to stop indulging in this succulent dish – even if you’re full to the brim.  

Christmas food
Authentic Stuffed Uruguay Back Angus Flap Meat.

6. Orange & Chestnut Stuffed Duck

This culinary delight has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and at J&M Butcher, we’ve added an innovative gourmet twist!  

Our Stuffed Duck with oranges, chestnuts, and Italian sausages is a sure-fire way to turn your Christmas dinner party into a festival of flavours.  

best beef wellington
Innovative Stuffed Duck with Orange & Chestnut.

Browse through our Christmas Menu here to host a tantalising Christmas dinner party unlike any other.  


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