7 amazing oven-ready gourmet Christmas dinner dishes you need to know about!

Christmas dinners are the highlight of the festive season as every host strives to prepare a five-star meal which suits the occasion. As such, J&M’s expert butchers have prepared the perfect Christmas treat with an oven-ready gourmet menu which doesn’t simply look impressive but tastes amazing too. We’ve chosen 7 of our creations that we’re so excited to share with you!
Christmas Menu by J&M Butcher for Christmas Dinners

1. Turkey Wellington

An all-time family favourite, Turkey has been the centre piece of our Christmas Dinners for generations. This year however, you can give the traditional Turkey an innovative twist with a Turkey Wellington!

The iconic Wellington, a staple English dish is magnificently adapted to turkey by our expert in-house butchers. The Wellington provides a simple yet tasty combination of turkey leg, cranberry, onion and puff pastry. Unlike the whole traditional turkey, the wellington is ideal for smaller groups of people and much easier to portion and serve.

We also offer a full selection of turkey cuts: Turkey Breast, Turkey Leg Roulade, Stuffed Turkey Breast, Fresh Whole Turkey

Turkey Wellington for Christmas Dinner available in Malta
The iconic Wellington innovated with Turkey Leg, Cranberry and Onion

2. Roast USDA beef

A sigh of relief for the meat lovers out there! For those who prefer the rich, marbled taste of beef. a Roast Beef dinner gracing your Christmas dinner table promises to be the best treat ever.

Our house-made Roast USDA Beef promises to put up a memorable festival of mouth-watering flavours for your guests this Christmas.

Infused with prosciutto cotto and mature cheddar or fine herbs, garlic and pine nuts, our USDA Angus Chuck Roll will be the ideal treat to roast away this Christmas.

Some of our other special beef-based creations include Truffle and Foie Gras Beef Fillet, as well as the classic Beef Wellington.

Roast USDA Beef with Angus Chuck Roll prepared by J&M for Christmas
A juicy roast beef, a sigh of relief for meat lovers!

3. Stuffed Capon

When choosing what to prepare for Christmas most of us head straight to Turkey. However, Capon is an excellent bird which we think deserves a place on your dinner table this Christmas. It is similar to turkey in texture, however, thanks to its higher fat content it can offer a much more tender and flavourful meat.

The Stuffed Capon is prepared with our special house-cured guanciale, Italian Sausages and Chestnuts, guaranteeing a unique combination of aromas. 

Stuffed Capon prepared by J&M Butcher for Christmas Dinner in Malta
Capon is similar to Turkey yet more tender and flavourful.

4. Mushroom and Spinach Venison Fillet

A popular European dish, Stuffed Venison will bring an interestingly exotic touch to your dinner table this Christmas. Venison carries a  significant culinary appeal providing a wonderful herbaceous, almost nutty flavour that pairs particularly well with fruit-based or wine-based sauces.

Although it resembles beef in texture, venison‘s taste is different altogether. Its meat is leaner than that of beef, giving it an incredibly juicy result when slow-roasted, making it the perfect Christmas dinner.

Our in-house butchers have kicked up this this delicious deer meat a further notch by preparing a stuffed venison fillet with mushroom and spinach

Venison Fillet from J&M butcher Christmas Menu in Malta
The unmistakable wild taste of grass-fed deer meat to your plate

5. Truffle and Parmesan Veal Frenched Rack

Christmas Dinners are well beyond the average Sunday roast. For those of you looking for take things up a notch, our house-made Veal Frenched Rack is a no brainer. Brilliantly prepared with Truffle, Parmesan, Rucola and Butter, this Christmas special is truly in a class of its own, fusing our milk-fed veal with one of the ultimate foodie treasures – truffle. 

We use a very precise amount of truffle in this dish, ensuring that this fine ingredient will compliment the taste of veal; and not override it.

Have a look at our other Veal preparations available this Christmas: Stuffed Veal Topside, Asparagus and Parma Ham Veal Fillet.

Gourmet Veal for Christmas Dinner in Malta
In contrast to beef, the young age of the calves makes veal makes so soft and tender

6. Orange and Chestnut Stuffed Duck

The popularity of Duck as a culinary delight has been on the rise in European countries for the past years. However, many people still shy away from this lush bird.

Thanks to our Orange and Chestnut Stuffed Duck, we have taken all the hassle and stress away making it easier than ever to try out this amazing dish, guaranteed to wow you guests this Christmas.

For those of you who prefer your duck in a more traditional manner – fear not. We’re also stocked up with whole ducks which you may then prepare to your liking. Foie Gras is also available.

Stuffed Duck part of J&M butcher's christmas menu
The easiest and tastiest way to prepare duck for your Christmas dinner

7. Stuffed Pork Fillet

A household staple which needs no introduction, pork is a timeless favourite with our families and friends. We have strived to put int the right amount of attention, innovation and thought to revolutionise even the most basic of meats.  

Our Stuffed Pork Fillet is combined with Parma Ham, Fresh Asparagus, Fine Herbs and Parmeggiano Regiano, promising a succulent pork dish like you’ve never tasted before.

Have a look at our other prok-based preparations available this Christmas: Porchetta, Stuffed Pork Shoulder.

Stuffed Pork FIllet prepared for Christmas Dinners by J&M butcher Malta
Presenting a flavoursome twist using the finest cuts of pork

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