A 100% delicious gourmet BBQ experience with J&M Butcher

Time to take your BBQ season up a notch with J&M Butcher’s gourmet BBQ menu – merging the ingenious creativity of our chefs with the world’s best ingredients.
a 100% gourmet bbq experience in Malta

1. USDA Black Angus Burger with Truffle & Provolone Cheese

Ever since burgers where invented over a hundred years ago, they have gained the number 1 spot at barbecues all around the world. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to take these simple yet marvelous gourmet BBQ creations a step further. 

Say hello to the ultimate gourmet burger. The tantalising juiciness of USDA Black Angus beef is delicously enhanced with the refined qualities of Truffle and Provolone Cheese.

We guarantee that these USDA Black Angus burgers will be the greatest finger-licking surprise for your guests – everyone will be up for second servings! 

Truffle and Cheese gourmet BBQ burgers in Malta
Lean and tender USDA Angus burgers, prepared 'barbecue ready' by our butchers

2. Sicilian Marinated Pork Collar

The pork collar is one of the best butcher secrets for a delicious  gourmet barbecue. 

As a very active muscle coming from the upper side of the neck, the pork collar offers a naturally flavourful bite. Mix that with our Sicilian marinade and you’re in for a real treat. Our expert butchers really  prepare these specialty meals with love and passion. The pork collar is carved into elegant steaks and then fused with Capers, Olives, & Sundried Tomato for a delectable Mediterranean summer palate. 

On top of all that, this well-marbled cut will not dry out when cooked for a long time – making it a fail-safe barbecue option!

Complete your pork themed gourmet BBQ with a selection of house-made Pork Sausages.

Summer BBQ with J&M Butcher's convenient online store for gourmet bbq in Malta
A genuine gourmet local pork collar available on our online store.

3. Horse Polpette

For centuries, the Maltese people have been fans of horsemeat, horse stews in particular. We’ve felt that this delicious meat deserves a place on our dinner table all year round.

The ingenious chefs at J&M butcher have innovatively created these magical Horsemeat Polpette. These gourmet BBQ creations showcase the pure strong taste of horse meat which is so deeply rooted in our gastronomic Mediterranean culture. It has been perfectly combined with garlic, mint, parsley, tomatoes, and a dash of cheese provide a unique spin above your traditional meatballs and burgers. 

Simply pop these awesome polpette on the barbecue and let your imagination run wild with the multitude of ways in which you can serve and enjoy them.

Gourmet Barbecue Horse Meat Polpette
The Horsemeat polpette, are a pure example of the innovation J&M Butcher constantly seeks to provide.

4. Lamb Chops with pink pepper corn

Lamb chops? On a BBQ!? 

Yes – and you don’t know what you’re missing yet!

Lamb is an excellent meat which boasts a uniquely strong flavour. For this reason, it is often overlooked by many in favour of more subtle meats. Our expert chefs however, have  prepared an impeccable pepper-corn based marinade, making sure these tender Lamb Chops will blow your taste buds away during your next barbecue. The peppercorns perfectly balance out the top-quality lamb chops for a pleasantly flavourful result. 

Lamb Chops to grill from jmbutcher.mt
Innovating the traditionals - Lamb Chops with Pink Peppercorn marinade

5. Maltese Sausage

There’s no barbecue without sausage. And there’s no  Maltese barbecue without Maltese Sausage

Locally known as ‘iz-Zalzett tal-Malti’, this sausage is a local traditional delicacy which J&M Butcher expertly prepares using a tasty combination Local Pork Boneless Shoulder, Salt, Pepper, Coriander, Garlic, and Parsley. The Maltese sausage is a genuine and versatile meat which can be enjoyed on its own or in any fancy gourmet incarnation you desire. It has been a household staple for generations and without doubt gained its place as a gourmet barbecue essential in recent years. Some individuals even crave its impeccable gusto, raw! 

The natural ingredients with which it is prepared will never fail to satisfy any Maltese family or foreigner alike! 

Maltese sausage, a traditional recipe at J&M Butcher
Delectably juice house-made Maltese Sausages.

6. Marinated Beef Ribeye with Chimichurri

The Ribeye, is the undisputed steak king of the barbecue season.

Prized for its rich marbling, this succulent cut of beef offers a truly gourmet taste when grilled. We’ve taken the flavour up a notch with a uniquely lush Argentinian herb, Chimichurri! This mildly-spicy, vinegar infused pesto, is a superb dressing beyond your conventional sauces which promises a diverse range of aromas on your next Gourmet BBQ.  

Whether you fire-up your grill or cook it indoors in a grill pan put your mind at rest that this Marinated Beef Ribeye with Chimichurri Sauce is sure to become your favorite steak this summer. 

Sashi marinated meat Ribeye in Malta.
The all-time favourite Ribeye steak is a popular meal at barbecues.

7. Lamb Koftas

Ushering in a middle-eastern inspiration, these Lamb Koftas are perfect for a quick mouthwatering barbecue. 

Middle Eastern food is all about heavy spices and delicious meat, and we’ve got them all.

Our chefs prepare these Koftas by mincing the lamb meat and then combine it with Garlic, Cumin, Coriander, Parsley, Mint, Pepper, and Mustard as they’re stylishly laid out on skewers. 

One of the great things about these easy to cook Lamb Koftas is their hefty dose of well-balanced spices that transform our traditional barbecue with an exotic Arabian touch. The mouthwatering smell of these lamb creations grilling up on the barbecue will get you hooked – let alone their captivating flavours.

Lamb Kofta from J&M butcher's gourmet barbecue menu
Our much loved Lamb Koftas are made in-house for a quick and tasty barbecue.

BONUS - The world's finest cuts of meat

Even though the marvelous Gourmet BBQ food selection at J&M is made with excellence dedicating a great deal of attention to detail, we know that for many people out there there’s nothing better than a succulent world-class steak in its pure authentic form. 

Indulge yourself to a prime cut of Sashi– winner of the World’s best steak, USDA Grade Beef, Irish Angus, and more of the best-curated meats from all around the globe. 

Top-quality cuts of meat to grill on the BBQ.
J&M Butcher offers a curated selection of top-quality meats from all over the world.

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