A step-by-step guide for a Sensational Gourmet Maltese Barbecue

BBQ season is finally here! So, we’ve compiled a list of 7 Maltese BBQ essentials to give your outdoor cookout a gourmet twist without losing the scrumptiously traditional Maltese touch. Let use guide you through a proper gourmet barbecue – the Maltese way!


First order of business: Appetizers. 

A truly Maltese barbecue is characterised by just 1 simple factor – FOOD! From beginning till the very end, our barbecues are a simply a festival of flavours. J&M Butcher’s Gourmet Barbecue has made sure you can kick it all off in the best way possible. Here are 2 of our favourite picks!  

1. Cipollata

Start strong. Give your guests a taste of what food quality they can expect for the remainder of the night. A Cipollata is the perfect way to do just that. Spring onions wrapped with pork belly – simple, yet delicious.  

Cipollata from J&M Butcher in Malta
Spring onion wrapped pork belly ready, for your ideal BBQ

2. Lamb Koftas

Our in-house made Lamb Koftas are a Middle Eastern dish that will surely get guests raving about your newly acquired gourmet cooking skills. How could it not? Minced lamb on a stick flavoured with garlic, cumin, coriander, parsley, mint, pepper, and mustard – I’ll be surprised if there’ll be any left for you.  

Lamb Koftas from J&M online Butcher in Malta
This Middle Eastern delicacy truely packs a flavourful punch.


Once the appetizers have been eaten everyone will start looking for sausages (the main reason most of us go to BBQs in the first place). Sausages of any kind, form and shape grace our table tops – it’s not a proper barbecue without them. For this reason, at J&M Butcher, we’ve prepared a selection of sausages made in-house by our expert chefs using nothing but genuine, top-notch ingredients. Have a look for yourself!

1. Truffle and Pistachio Pork Sausages

A Maltese BBQ without pork sausages? Never heard of that. Well, at J&M Butcher, we’ve added a new gourmet twist to an all-time classic. Say hello to your new cook-out staple: Truffle and Pistachio Pork Sausages. These truffle flavoured pork sausages with nibbed pistachios are an absolute must. One bite and we guarantee that you and your guests will immediately find your next BBQ obsession.  

Pork Sausages in Malta
Truffle-flavoured Pork Sausage with nibbed pistachios - a gourmet twist on an all-time classic.

2. Lamb Sausages

And finally, Lamb Sausages! Lamb and sausages are not the first combination that comes to mind. But let’s be honest, it’s not a Maltese barbecue if you don’t eat your body weight in sausages before the main course is even ready. Especially when they’re as delectable as the ones prepared in-house by our expert chefs at J&M Butcher.  

And now you know your nanna will be mad because no one will eat the 3 watermelons she brought for dessert. And that’s okay because eating these finger-licking lamb sausages will surely be worth hearing your nanna say “u ajma ħudu biċċa” over and over.  

Lamb Sausages for barbecue
In-house made Lamb Sausages made with New Zealand boneless shoulder mince, red chilly, mint, salt & pepper - ready for the barbecue.


Burgers, another must – they’re not just for little kids, you know. No matter how old you are, the sight of a sizzling juicy burger will get you drooling instantly. Many even opt to have one as their first plate!

1. USDA Black Angus with Truffle & Provolone Cheese

If you really want to impress your guests, don’t just buy the first pack of frozen burgers you find at the nearest grocery shop. Shake things up a bit! Our USDA Black Angus with Truffle & Provolone Cheese Burgers are a hallmark of our innovation at J&M Butcher. We guarantee your guests will be blown away and coming back for seconds (and probably thirds).  

Gourmet Burgers in Malta
Our gourmet USDA Black Angus with Truffle & Provolone Cheese Burgers are guaranteed to make you the talk of the season.


Let’s get real here, by the time the main course is ready the majority of your guests will be already nearly full and packed to the brim. So, you have to make them something they simply can’t resist. 

1. BBQ Pork Ribs

Who doesn’t love ribs? Don’t shy away from this majestic cut! These juicy BBQ Pork Ribs are marinated in BBQ Sauce, making sure they’re perfect for your next outdoor cookout. Impress all your guests just by throwing these babies on a grill – they’ll think you’ve become a pro gourmet chef overnight!  

BBQ Pork Ribs from J&M online Butcher in Malta
The smell of our BBQ Pork Ribs sizzling on the grill is enough to make everybody's mouth water.

2. Beef Angus Sirloin Marinated in Chimichurri Sauce

Take your ribeye steaks to a whole new level. Just by looking at it, the picture will make your stomach growl. This Beef Angus Sirloin Marinated in  Chimichurri Sauce will surely make you the envy of the season. The secret to the deliciousness of this beef angus sirloin all lies within its special Argentinian Herb marinade – made in-house by our expert butchers at J&M Butcher.

High Quality Ribeye from online J&M Butcher
Our Ribeye is Marinated in Chimichurri Sauce is prepared, ready for the barbecue, by our expert butchers.

There you have it, your barbecue essentials. So, what are you waiting for? View our complete selection on our online butcher shop www.jmbutcher.mt  and get ready to start grilling! 


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