Best butcher in malta

Our Gzira shop is open Monday to Sunday

Browse our selection of fine cuts, where our experienced butchers and head will advise you.

As the best butcher in Malta, we have set up our shop under strict sanitary conditions. This has enabled us to remain open 7 days a week; giving you the option to shop in a traditional, over-the-counter manner.

Despite launching an online store, we understand that many people will still prefer to physically view meat before purchasing it. We have therefore taken measures to instil strict sanitary protocols, ensuring that our butcher shop is as safe and hygienic as possible. This way, we can still offer our beloved clients the option to purchase meat in a more traditional, over the counter way.

A house-made gourmet menu has established J&M as one of the best butchers in Malta

Created by the best butcher in Malta, our gourmet menu includes a wide selection of delicious, oven-ready meals.

Prepared-in house, our gourmet menu was crafted to deliver incredible dining experiences – based on meat – without all the hassle! From pistachio-stuffed pork shoulder to crispy chicken involtini, this menu offers a wide variety of incredible foods, all at your finger tips. Simply pop them in the oven and enjoy. Our gourmet menu is among the finest butcher creations available in Malta.

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