The 6 unmistakeable reasons Malta is in love with our oven-ready gourmet menu

The gourmet oven-ready menu, our in-house speciality, is one of the hottest trends on the current Maltese food-scene. Here are 6 reasons why these innovative, flavourful house-made gourmet butcher specials promise to revolutionise the way we look at quick meals and promise to give you and your guests a master chef experience!

1. They are as good as they look

All items on our gourmet menu will immediately strike you upon first glance. Our expert butchers have crafted this menu to grab one’s attention, using out-of-the-box preparatory techniques. But the fun doesn’t end here.

Love at first bite is guaranteed across all of our gourmet specials. These succulent dishes will blow you away, opening your taste buds to a whole new array of flavour. 

Have a look at our complete selection of Gourmet Specialities! 

Gourmet Menu Kebabs available in Malta
Innovating the traditionals - Kebabs with Boneless Rabbit

2. Convenient

The gourmet menu has fast become the best solution for a questions that daunts many households: ‘what’s for dinner?’ 

After a hard day’s work, there’s nothing we look forward to than a tasty, home-cooked meal. However, many times, one can find it hard to find the time needed to prepare something extraordinary in the hectic mid-week lifestyle.  

Luckily, our gourmet menu strikes a balance between incredible cuisine and incredible convenience. From Ricotta and Spinach Cannoli to a scrumptious Stuffed Irish Angus Fillet, our butchers have pulled out all the stops and prepared these items till a point that we like to call ‘oven-ready’.  

Simply pop on of our specials in the oven, and enjoy.

Gourmet Menu Cordon Bleu from JM Butcher
Crunchy and juicy house-made Beef Cordon Bleu

3. Healthy and Genuine

Our expert butchers prepare these specialty meals with love and passion. Put your mind at rest that our gourmet selection is all house-made, created using top-quality products sourced from world-class producers. 

Get inspired for your next healthy recipe with our Stuffed Milk-Fed Veal Fillet or Stuffed Whole Chicken

Veal Fillet in Mata
A genuine Stuffed Milk-Fed Veal Fillet can be served with a variety of vegetables

4. A cut above your ‘normal’ meats

As meat-lovers, many of us believe that nothing could ever taste better than a tender fillet, or a juicy ribeye.  

That’s where our gourmet specials menu just might prove you wrong.  

Just like our famous Pork Belly Twist and Veal Tulipano, all the gourmet food items are created with a meat-based product at the core; whether be it beef, veal, chicken or other. Your favourite meats are then given a unique, innovative twist, elevating their flavours and resulting in something out of the ordinary – guaranteed to help you explore a whole new catalyst of mouth-watering flavours.

Stuffed Pork Shoulder part of J&M Butcher's Gourmet Menu
A lean and tender Stuffed Pork Fillet expertly prepared 'oven-ready' by our butchers

5. Can be delivered straight to your door.

A complete selection of gourmet specials is conveniently available on our online store and can be delivered right to your doorstep at the time and date which suit you best.  

For those who prefer to visit the shop and choose the speciality items themselves, our fully stocked retail butcher shop in Gzira is open 7 days a week making sure you’ll get the best meals whenever you need. 

J&M Butcher offers free delivery across Malta on all gourmet menu orders under €50

6. Great Value for Money

Even though the Gourmet food selection at J&M is made with excellent and genuine products from all over the world, we made sure that our prices offer you the best value for you and your loved ones. With a wide variety of over 16 gourmet specials to choose from, our prices start at just €4.99.

Gourmet Veal Rolls Malta
Our best-selling Veal Rolls made in-house with In-house with fresh Veal mince, Speck, Philadelphia, Ham & Cheese.

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