Top 5 reasons why J&M Butcher is the best butcher in Malta

With 40 years of experience in the industry, we’ve cemented a name for ourselves as one of the biggest butchers on the island. So, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 reasons why J&M Butcher is the best butcher in Malta. But we’re not just gonna tell you – we’re gonna show you! Keep on reading to find out.
Best Butcher in Malta

1. Products of the Highest Quality

At J&M Butcher, one thing is certain, our products are nothing short of perfection. Our range is of the best possible quality, from our fresh locally sourced products to our succulent imported top-grade cuts. 

No matter the product or cooking method you opt for, we guarantee it will be love at first bite! 

J&M Online Butcher Malta
Top-grade cuts, both local and exotic - only from J&M Butcher.

2. Excellent Customer Service

A big reason as to why we’re the best butcher in Malta is our exceptional team of passionate and hard-working professionals. All of which are committed to providing the best possible service.  

Our expert butchers are well-versed, not only in the art of butchery, but most have a background working in various high-end restaurants. This extensive knowledge allows them to provide the best cooking tips for your preferred cut of meat.    

best Butcher Malta
Expert butchers, committed to providing the best possible service.

3. Wide Choice of Top-quality Cuts

At J&M Butcher, you’re guaranteed to find everything you need. That’s right, EVERYTHING.  

We’re aware that it’s a bold statement – simply check out our online butcher shop and view our full range of products to see for yourself. We’ve got everything from locally sourced chicken breast to superior quality cuts, such as perfectly well-marbled Sashi and USDA Irish Angus.  

No matter what you opt for, you won’t be able to stop indulging in it – even if you’re full to the brim. Our vast range of top-quality cuts are the textbook definition of ‘spoilt for choice’.  

best Butcher Malta
Unbeatable selection of high-quality cuts.

4. Innovative Oven-ready Gourmet Menu

We’re not your average butcher. Our tantalising selection of oven-ready and innovative gourmet meats is what solidifies our place as the best butcher in Malta.  

How does an in-house made local chicken stuffed with fresh veal mince, garlic, onions, carrots, ham, cheese, Parma ham, pancetta, parsley, salt, and pepper sound? Or perhaps an in-house made Irish Angus Fillet stuffed with asparagus, Parma ham, Parmigiano, pork and beef mince, salt, and pepper.  

If, like ours, your mouth is already watering you haven’t heard the best part: we prepare everything, all you’ve got to do is pop it in the oven. How awesome is that!?  

Your next dinner party is guaranteed to be a festival of flavours! 

Best meat in Malta from J&M Butcher
In-house made, gourmet menu by our expert butchers.

5. Hassle-free Shopping & Same-day Delivery

With J&M Butcher you’re guaranteed to enjoy hassle-free shopping. All you’ve got to do is browse through our online butcher shop, place your order, and we’ll deliver everything straight to your doorstep.  

BONUS: We offer same-day delivery AND you’ve got the option to pick the best time and date for your order to be delivered. What could be more convenient than that!?  

best butcher in Malta
J&M Butcher offers free delivery across Malta on all orders over €50

That’s all folks – the top 5 five reasons why J&M Butcher is the best butcher in Malta. Check out our full selection of top-quality cuts on our online butcher shop and benefit from same-day delivery to all of Malta. 


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