Bringing you the market's best quality meats

A family-run business with a passion for the art of fine quality meats

Our mission is to provide customers with a consistent level of impeccable quality products

Established back in 1981, J&M Butcher is run by Joseph Zammit – an expert in the field of meats, who has garnered over 15 years of experience in this sector. Joseph began working in the family business from a young age, building up a great level of knowledge in the production, selection and curation of meat. This has enabled J&M Butcher to cement its reputation for being Malta’s go to butcher shop for fine quality cuts – even including exclusive products like Wagyu, Prime USDA, and more. Our selection of these primed cuts is done in the name of our duty to clients – that of providing you with the best of the best, every single time.  

Here's why J&M Butcher should always be your number one choice

Launching our online butcher shop

Shop for all J&M Butcher products from the comfort and safety of your home. To make your experience even more comfortable, we’ve added a calendar to our checkout page – so that you may choose your preferred date an time for delivery.

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